I'm a freelance portrait artist specializing particularly in pencil portraits of children, adults, celebrities.

Based in Malta, I take portraiture commissions from all over the Europe and abroad. Unlike those portrait artists who require a series of sittings I work entirely from digital photographs which customers can email directly to me.

Discovering my Passion

Since when I was at a young age I knew that I loved drawing portraits. I always preferred to stay indoors than going outside to play with friends to have more time to draw. By time, as I grew older, there were things that I had to prioritize such as school then work. I did not go to any Art school as everyone kept telling me that you do not gain enough money to sustain yourself from it.


As I grew older, I realized that I was stuck in a rut, work - home - go out with friends and repeat. It was not satisfying anymore, I wanted to do something that I would get lost in, something that would make me complete.

Self teaching


I always loved to sketch, mostly eyes!. I get completely lost in drawing and hours pass by without even noticing. I started searching tutorials over the internet and stumbled upon several sites and youtube videos on how to draw realistic drawings. I kept learning from my mistakes, kept sketching and sketching. I taught myself to draw through trial and error.


Learning what I do, through trial and error helps me keep an open mind on art. I do not believe there is a right way to create something. The end result is what matters for me.

© 2020 by Veronica Crockford

Drawing from photos
Veronica Crockford
48, Triq Il-blajjiet
Marsascala, Zonqor

Email: drawingfromphotos@gmail.com